We love hearing success stories from our clients. Whether it’s helping them reach their fundraising goals (as in the case below) or helping drive awareness & business growth, we can’t help but smile knowing we made a small difference. Check out the recent Tower of Awesome project we created for the Today Family Violence Help Centre.

About the project

Recently we had the chance to produce another Tower of Awesome for the Today Family Violence Help Centre. It was featured at a fundraising breakfast where it garnered a lot of positive attention and helped open up some conversations with donors and supporters. They were even kind enough to share some photos of the breakfast and of the tower in the wild. From our client:

Our breakfast was a tremendous success I think, especially for our first event. We exceeded many of the goals we set for ourselves, so we’ll definitely take it as a win ?. The tower was incredibly useful and generated quite a bit of conversation. We put it to the left of the stage, which really “encouraged” people to look at it. It was also an awesome backdrop for a few photos lol

Thanks again for everything you did to help make this event a success for us, Dan!

About the Tower of Awesome

These 6+ foot towers feature 16 panels of content in 4 levels. Our customers love them because they are:

  • Unique – they really stand out
  • Easy to assemble & disassemble
  • Easy to transport in any vehicle.
  • Can have individual panels replaced at any time
  • Hold up well to trade show and in-store traffic
  • Cost-effective

Additional Tower of Awesome Samples:

Interested in having one of these for your next event or for display in your retail store? Contact us and we can help you plan, design, and implement your very own Tower of Awesome.