Are you one of the more than 130,000 realtors in Canada? Looking for a way to stand out and grow your sales in this highly-competitive industry? One of the best ways to reach potential clients is with direct mail. Direct mail for real estate is a tried, tested and true method – even in today’s marketing landscape.

With over 500,000 properties sold in Canada each year, just a small piece of the pie offers huge rewards. So, to help you get in on the action, we’ve put together some ideas for connecting with your target audience and boosting sales.

Why Direct Mail?

Think the days of direct mail advertising have come and gone? Think again!

Direct mail for real estate is a highly effective marketing solution. But why?

  • Direct Contact – with the ability to target physical locations (e.g. specific postal codes or neighbourhoods), direct mail allows you to send out hyper-targeted messaging to potential buyers or sellers.
  • Physical and Permanent Medium – unlike other forms of contact (email, social media, etc.), direct mail is a tangible tool. People prefer things they can touch and physical mail allows for just that. As well, direct mail is more permanent, meaning your face could be hanging around someone’s house for months, or even years, keeping you top-of-mind!
  • Stand Out Among Your Competitors – direct mail offers many opportunities for you to stand out. Sending out physical mail alone can make quite the impression. Not everyone dabbles in direct mail these days so, the time, effort and thought that you put into creating a campaign can go a long way with potential clients. Not to mention, the lack of competition in a mailbox (especially when compared to other highly-saturated advertising spaces like social media) is sure to make you stand out.

How to Get Started with Direct Mail for Real Estate

Interested in getting started but not sure where to begin with a direct mail campaign?

Here are five standout ideas to help you reach new customers and generate leads with direct mail for real estate.

1. Social Proof Flyers

Demonstrating social proof is a great way to show potential clients that you are competent, capable and the right choice for their needs.

For your next direct mail campaign, consider sending out flyers showing buyers or sellers your success in their area.

Did you recently sell a home in the neighbourhood for above asking price? Or, did you find the perfect property and secure it for your buyers at below market value?

Whether you work with buyers or sellers, by demonstrating your success, especially in the local community, you can assure potential clients that you are the best real estate agent for them.

2. Personalized Letters

It’s no secret, everyone loves receiving a letter in the mail. Unfortunately, today, this doesn’t happen often. As a realtor, that works to your benefit. Sending a personalized letter to a potential buyer or seller is memorable. Doing so will allow you to stand out from your competitors and help you begin building long-term relationships with potential clients.

You can personalize your direct mail campaign by sending out letters that include the individual’s name. Focus on addressing their specific concerns in the letter (based on your target market research). Including something personal about yourself that allows the reader to connect with you is also beneficial. Do they live in a family neighbourhood? Mention something about your own children. A personal connection makes you memorable and humanizes you – so you’re not just a smiling face on a piece of paper.

3. Calendars and Other Materials They’ll Want to Keep

A great option when it comes to direct mail for real estate is sending out marketing materials that people will want to hold on to. Calendars, for example, are common for this reason.

Some other ideas for your upcoming campaigns:

  • Schedule of local events
  • Recipe on the back of your promotional materials
  • Measurement conversions on the back of a flyer

These types of materials offer added-value and encourage people to keep them around. When your information is readily available – hanging on the fridge or sitting on the counter – this will keep you top-of-mind. So, even if someone isn’t ready to move right away, your name will be first in their mind when they do think of moving.

Whatever token you choose to mail out, be sure it’s topical to the area you are targeting or the time of year (e.g. a punch recipe for the holidays).

4. Holiday Cards

Holiday cards, and other seasonal cards, are another option that will help keep your name top-of-mind. Sending out a holiday card reminds potential clients that you are still out there, ready to help them if they need it. As well, spreading cheer and positive messages at this time of year will earn you a positive association. So, when it comes time to hire a realtor, your name will be first on the list to call.

5. Special Offer Postcards

Are you selling a property with a special promotion attached? Perhaps no down payment or savings on the first year’s mortgage payments? What about savings for sellers? Do you offer a cost-saving benefit that will entice them to use your services?

Highlighting these types of offers in direct mail can garner a lot of attention – and calls.

Direct mail for real estate allows you to spread the word about your special offers. And, even more beneficial, you can tailor offers to a highly-targeted audience.

Direct Mail Targeting

Now that you’re set with some top-shelf direct mail campaign ideas, it’s time to talk targeting.

Depending on your needs, there are various ways that direct mail for real estate can be sent out.

When you work with One To One Mailing, you’ll be working with a Preferred Canada Post Expert Partner and have access to the following targeting options:

  • Neighbourhood mail – this one-to-many option allows you to send out your marketing materials to an entire neighbourhood.
  • Personalized mail – this one-to-one option allows you to send highly personalized mail to specific addresses.
  • Postal code targeting – with this option you can target a few specific locations in any given area.

Direct Mail for Real Estate Through One To One Mailing

Ready to start reaching out to potential clients with direct mail for real estate?

One To One Mailing offers mailing services for all your direct mailing needs. From bringing your idea to life to sending it off to the right people, we can do it all. And, as a Canada Post partner, we’ll ensure your mail is put directly in the hands of the people that you want to see it.

Ready for more exciting news? One To One Mailing has something special brewing.

Our team is working diligently to bring you a new tool for developing, designing, and delivering your direct mail campaigns using a simple online solution.

Direct mail for real estate will be easier (and more effective) than ever. No need for a designer (unless you want to work with our amazing design house). No need to wait – get your campaign off the ground in a matter of minutes. And, once it’s ready to go, our team will have it sent out to your potential clients in two days – or less.

Stay tuned for big things to come!