The origin of the term “mailhouse” is unknown. Best guess? Someone used their house to sort and prepare mailings?

Well, times have changed. And not too surprisingly, mailhouses have progressed along with technology. Oh sure, if you want to send addressed mail, unaddressed mail, and just about any kind of mailing, we can do that. Mailing works. So needless to say, if you want us to help you locate potential clients and mail stuff to them we’re your go-to folks.

But there’s more to direct marketing than just mailing.

And that is where we come in.

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Traditional Mailhouse

Traditional doesn’t mean using a carrier pigeon. It means printing and mailing things. We offer this service or course. And with traditional mailhouse services, we can digitally print your materials, organize offset printing if needed, have your mailing designed, personalize envelopes if required, and of course ship the whole whack of stuff to Canada Post. We also work with your data and new data.


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Data & Analytics

We’re big into data. We may even be at the level of data-obsessed. That is because data is good for you. You should embrace it. Even groom it. Because at the end of the day (or the week/month/year), nerdy data makes your campaign strong, healthy and full of flavour. Yum.

We can acquire data on your behalf. That means buying lists, merging your data with potentially similar clients. We can manage your data, store your data, break your data down using geo-demographic profiling (big word for where your clients are), psyte cluster profiling (information from crunching information from a variety of sources to build “clusters” of like-minded customers. We analyze this information and use the data to segment your potential customers.

Like we said, there’s more to this direct marketing thing than mailing. It’s about the data, the analysis of the data, and how we use it to get you better results.

Canada Post

Here are the links that are virtually impossible to find when searching the Canada Post website! Here you’ll find lots of info on what is needed to use mailhouse services.


OK, we may be bragging now, but we don’t just do mailings. We’ve entered the information superhighway. That’s right. We do more than just data merging, data storage, client profiling, mailing, printing, analysis, tracking, prospecting, clustering, and warehousing. We do other stuff in our spare time.

Like email. And customized landing pages. And ultra-customized direct mail. And website development if needed. Oh, and did we mention we have a relationship with an advertising company that can develop your campaign creative? And did we mention we have a partnership relationship with an offset printer so we can relieve you of the job of getting quotes and organizing printing?

We Are Data Fanatics

Info Graphics

About Us

We can confuse you with terms like ROI or “best practice”, but we suspect you’re savvy enough to know that the key to finding success in direct marketing is strategy.

Like, for instance, who are we trying to talk to and how do we find them? How can we tell them about our product or service without our mailer finding its way into the birdcage?

We are a full service direct marketing company. That means we can hook you up with the best answer for your particular product or service opportunity.

Our focus, and heck, our passion, is building a plan that works for your company. Maybe it includes targeting potential customers using unaddressed or addressed ad mail. Or let’s say mail and email together with customized landing pages? And add in tracking so you can easily see how the campaign is going.

Yup. There’s a lot to this direct marketing business.

Our Heroes of DM

Craig Freer

Craig is the president, owner and founder of the company. Craig is a doer. He runs things. He knows things. And occasionally he lets us know what he knows. Always thinking, always pushing himself and his team, he is the master at making ideas come to life. He can clean a list with the best of them. He can merge, edit and juggle information until he finds the right solution. And with the right answer he can help you do the right thing at the right time. Would you expect anything less from a president?


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