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  • What is the minimum order size?

    100 cards is the mimimum to order. If you do not have 100 people to send to, we recommend connecting with a college and doing it with them as a join campaign.

  • Can I customize my card?

    Yes! Both the inside panels and the back can be customized. You can provide content at the proofing stage after you complete your campaign order.

    You can write an entire panel of content as a Christmas/Holiday letter to your list. This includes personalized content on each card like their name or other info you provide in your customer database. There is no additional charge for personalizing your message, in fact, we encourage it as it makes the biggest impact.

  • Do you have many holiday card options?

    Yes, absolutely! We have more than 120 Holiday Card designs to choose from.

    Plus, you can select from 9 pre-created messages and 3 different back of card designs. That's more than 3000 combinations!

  • When does the Holiday Card offer expire?

    You have until November 30th to order with the coupon code MerryMail35.

  • Can I send the cards on any day I want?

    No. In order to maximize your savings, we have set up specific days that we will be batching orders together and sending all at once. We have 4 mail induction dates available:

    November 25thNovember 30thDecember 6thDecember 10th

  • How long do the holiday cards take to deliver?

    Plan for 3-5 business days after your campaign is inducted to Canada Post.

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